Research Groups

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has a strong research community of academics and postgraduate students with research groups working in the areas of:

Conferences are regularly held by the Department, and our Colloquium series runs from September to May each year.

The Department's research interests include topics in:

Group Theory and Group Representation Theory, Combinatorics and ​Number Theory, ​Diophantine Approximation and Measure Theory, Ring Theory, Universal Algebra, Cryptography;

Differential Geometry, Algebraic Geometry,  Algebraic Topology, Analysis on Metric Spaces, Conformal Analysis, Complex Analysis and Classical Function Spaces, Harmonic Analysis, Involutions, Stability Theory;

Statistical Modelling in Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Bayesian Methods of Statistical Inference, Statistical Computing and Graphics;

Mathematics Education, History of Mathematics.

There are many areas of potential postgraduate research in addition to our taught postgraduate programmes. The Department's postgraduate coordinators are Dr. Mark Walsh (Mathematics Postgraduate Coordinator) and Dr. Catherine Hurley (Statistics Postgraduate Coordinator).

Why do research in Pure Mathematics?