Sport Ireland Research Funding Scheme Award for Dr Liam Sweeney

Dr Liam Sweeney Speaking at FAI Coaching Conference
Tuesday, January 16, 2024 - 14:30

Dr. Liam Sweeney, in collaboration with Dr. Áine MacNamara from Dublin City University and Niall O’Regan from the Football Association of Ireland (FAI), has secured funding under the prestigious Sport Ireland Research Funding Scheme Allocation. The trio will be spearheading a comprehensive research project entitled, ‘What role does biological maturation play in the development experiences of female players on the FAI’s national and international pathway?’
As the world of sports science continues to evolve, recognizing the nuanced factors influencing athletes' progress is crucial for fostering optimal development. The funding, amounting to a substantial €13,514, underscores the commitment of Sport Ireland to supporting valuable research initiatives that contribute to the advancement of knowledge and applied practice in the field of sports science. This financial backing will enable the research team to undertake a series of in-depth investigations spanning the years 2024-2025.
Dr. Sweeney, with his expertise, and Dr. MacNamara, known for her contributions to talent development and coaching, bring a wealth of knowledge to the project. Meanwhile, Niall O'Regan, representing the Football Association of Ireland, adds a practical and hands-on perspective to the collaborative effort.
The research is expected to shed light on critical aspects of the development journey of female players, potentially informing future training programs, talent development strategies, and overall player support systems within the FAI. This initiative not only highlights the commitment of the involved researchers but also emphasizes the FAI's dedication to fostering excellence and inclusivity in women's football.