Researcher Directory

Dr Lynsey Black Law, Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI)
Dr Cordula Boecking Lecturer / Assistant Professor German Studies, School of Modern Languages
Dr Andreas Boldt University Tutor IT Services, German Studies, School of Modern Languages
Michael Booth
Dr Tetyana Borova Administrative Officer School of Business
Dr Loïc Bourdeau Assistant Professor French Studies, School of Modern Languages, Motherhood Project
Dr Elizabeth Boyle Early Irish (Sean-Ghaeilge)
Prof Mark Boyle Professor Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI), Geography
Dr Ciara Bracken-Roche Assistant Professor Law
Dr Ciara Bradley Lecturer Applied Social Studies, Motherhood Project
Dr Avril Brandon Lecturer/Assistant Professor Law
Dr John Brennan Postdoctoral Researcher Theoretical Physics
Prof Carmel B. Breslin Professor Chemistry, Human Health Institute
Dr Patrick Bresnihan Geography, ICARUS
Dr Simon Broome Lecturer Economics
Dr Laura Brown Lecturer History