Researcher Directory

Dr Raul Carstocea History
Dr Antonio Cascelli Music
Dr Kevin Casey Computer Science, Hamilton Institute
Aodhdin Casey School of Business
Damien Cassells School of Business
Dr Luca Castellanza Lecturer School of Business
Prof Hana Cervinkova Professor of Anthropology Anthropology, Centre for European and Eurasian Studies
Edmund Chapman English
Dr Ro Charlton Lecturer Geography, ICARUS
Yang Cheng Chinese Language Council Tutor School of Modern Languages, Chinese
Dr Danny Chow Lecturer/Assistant Professor School of Business
Tara Ciric Postgraduate Research Student Education
Joni Clarke Lecturer in Numeracy Froebel Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education
Dr Galatia Cleanthous Lecturer Mathematics and Statistics, Hamilton Institute
Dr Donal Coffey Lecturer/Assistant Professor Law
Dr Laura Coffey Psychology, ALL Institute, Human Health Institute