Researcher Directory

Prof Maurice Devlin Professor Applied Social Studies, ALL Institute
Dr Gerda Dewit Lecturer Economics
Prof Subhrakanti Dey Electronic Engineering, Hamilton Institute
Dr Unai Diaz-Orueta Lecturer Psychology, ALL Institute
Dr Detta Dickinson Associate Professor Mathematics and Statistics
Dr Mary Dobbs Law
Dr Zerrin Doganca Kucuk Assistant Professor Education
Prof Michael Doherty Professor Law, Centre for European and Eurasian Studies
Dr Seán Doherty Electronic Engineering
Prof Brian Dolan Theoretical Physics
Dr Rose Dolan Lecturer Education
Dr Katarina Domijan Lecturer Mathematics and Statistics, Hamilton Institute
Prof Brian Donnellan Vice President, Engagement and Innovation School of Business, Innovation Value Institute (IVI)
Dr John Dooley Electronic Engineering, Radiospace
Prof Terence Dooley Professor History, Centre for the Study of Historic Irish Houses and Estates
Fionnuala Doris School of Business