Researcher Directory

Trevor Vaugh on Secondment Design Innovation, ALL Institute, Mi:Lab
Dr Mariana Velasco-Rivera Law
Dr Trinidad Velasco-Torrijos Associate Professor Chemistry, Human Health Institute
Dr Louise Veling Associate Professor School of Business, ALL Institute
Dr Rudi Villing Lecturer Electronic Engineering, Hamilton Institute, ALL Institute
Prof Elaine Wallace Professor School of Business
Dr Joanna Walsh MSCA Postdoctoral Fellow Media Studies
Karen Walsh Assistant Professor Law
Megan Walsh International
Dr Mark Walsh Associate Professor Mathematics and Statistics
Daire Walsh Computer Science, National Centre for Geocomputation (NCG), Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI)
Dr Thomas Walsh Associate Professor Education
Prof Fiona Walsh Professor Biology, Human Health Institute
Prof Jim Walsh Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI), Geography
Dr Jingyue Wang Lecturer Maynooth International Engineering College
Dr Ruifang Wang School of Business