Ireland under Austerity: Neoliberal crisis, Neoliberal solutions

Published in 2015 by Manchester University Press Ireland under Austerity: Neoliberal crisis, neoliberal solutions is co-edited by Colin Coulter (Maynooth) and Angela Nagle (DCU). The collection features a dozen original essays that provide a comprehensive critique of the reactionary policies pursued by successive Irish governments since the boom turned to bust.

Professor Terry Eagleton, the renowned literary critic, had these kind words for the book: ‘The word austerity, with its hint of a decent plainness and admirable self-discipline, is one of the more fraudulent of contemporary euphemisms. As this compelling volume suggests, it is rather a question of violence, deprivation and despair, as the powerful and privileged once more unload their problems on to the poor. There are many fine books around, but few are as urgently necessary as this one.’​

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