The Faculty aims to provide a working and learning environment which is fair, welcoming, equitable  and inclusive and where staff and students can fulfil their potential. The establishment of EDI Representatives in each Department and School is an important initiative for the Faculty in support of this aim.
The EDI Representatives sit on the GEAP Implementation Group and communicate relevant actions to their Departments / Schools. EDI and Athena Swan have become standing items on Department / School meeting agendas, and through this process the EDI Representatives ensure that relevant actions from the GEAP is carried out at Department / School level.
EDI Representatives are culturally sensitive staff members who have a commitment to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.
EDI Representatives aim to reduce workplace discrimination, fight for equal access to services and promote positive attitudes. They aim to promote good relations and practices towards different minority groups and people who experience some form of discrimination.
The main roles and requirements of EDI Representatives include:

  • Disseminating information and promoting and sharing best practice throughout their Department / School,
  • Supporting and encouraging involvement in diversity initiatives, e.g. the Athena Swan Charter,
  • Providing advice, guidance and support on EDI issues,
  • Promoting a culture where staff and students are treated fairly and with dignity and respect,
  • Raising awareness of EDI issues, ensuring that these are discussed at Department / School meetings,
  • Establishing Athena Swan and EDI as a key standing agenda item at Department / School meetings,
  • Monitoring and if necessary initiating the display of Faculty female role models as researchers, alumni, and leaders on Departmental / School research and recruitment webpages.
  • Working closely with the Associate Dean for EDI and supporting them in their role,
  • Sharing local issues with the Associate Dean for EDI to identify those issues that require Faculty or institutional level action,
  • Being visible and proactive within their Department / School,
  • Being a point of contact for staff who wish to raise concerns by signposting them to University policies and services,
  • Actively promoting staff and student EDI groups or events.