Qualification : CERTIFICATE

Award Type and NFQ level : CERTIFICATE LEVEL 8

CAO/PAC code : MUA17

CAO Points :

What is the style of delivery?

The course will be delivered using highly participatory, hands-on methods that recognise diversity in learning styles. Although there will be some short inputs and some suggested readings, the overall emphasis will be facilitative meaning people will be encouraged to draw from and share the knowledge and experiences each of us bring to any learning space.

What is the overall framework?

The course uses feminist based, consciousness-raising methodologies with an emphasis on the socio-cultural and political dimensions. Participants will be introduced to theories and ideas underpinned by an inclusive, expansive, approach to feminism and social movements. You will also get to explore different ways of working within social movements and consider your own biography as an activist and practices as an activist.

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This course is suitable for anyone in a working in social activism in a paid-or non-paid capacity. People should leave the process feeling more resourced, and more resourceful, in responding to the demands of activism.


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