Speak Out Reporting Tool

Speak Out is an online anonymous reporting tool available to staff and students to disclose incidents of bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, discrimination, hate crime, coercive behaviour/control, stalking, assault, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape.  
The tool will help you to find information and contact details on relevant Maynooth supports and specialist external supports. 
Should you wish to make a formal complaint guidance on formal reporting procedures is signposted.  
It is important to remember that as the Speak Out reporting tool is completely anonymous, there is no way of identifying or contacting any member of the university community who uses the tool.  
Please report one incident, or series of related incidents at a time.  This is to ensure that we can understand the nature of your experience. 

Speak Out

If you wish to make an anonymous report please click here


For Students: 
If you need to link in with our Counselling Service, please contact us on (01) 708 3554 during office hours or use the Call Back Request option
If you wish to avail of the any other Student Support Service, please click here  
If you want to report an incident or seek immediate security support, please contact Campus Security on 01-708 3929

For Staff:
If you wish to avail of Staff Support Services please contact Human Resources or avail of the Inspire Workplace Services here

RelevantUniversity Policies and Formal Complaint Process

Maynooth University Equality and Diversity Policy.Click here
Staff and Students can contact the Equality Office to get a copy of the Equality & Diversity Complaint Process Guide & Formal Complaint Form if you wish to submit a formal complaint under the Equality and Diversity Policy.

Policy on Protection of Staff against Workplace Bullying, Harassment & Sexual Harassment. Click here
Students, please contact VPA/Registrar Maynooth University if you wish to make a formal complaint.
Staff, please contact HR if you wish to submit a formal complaint under this Policy.