Spatial Analysis

Spatial analysis at Maynooth University uses formal techniques to address the geographic, and topological aspects of the natural and man-made environments.  

Our researchers are at the forefront of the mapping and interpretation of complex spatial properties, patterns and processes of social, economic and environmental phenomena. Our work enables the creation of sustainable and inclusive approaches to improve the planning of national and regional infrastructure and align policy responses to human need.

Maynooth University also hosts the All-Island Research Observatory (AIRO), a leading national spatial analysis and mapping unit that provides a suite of  mapping and data visualisation toolkits aimed at improving evidence informed planning in Ireland.

Maynooth University is an ideal Host Institution for a Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellowship and this cluster is interested in finding potential applicants. Find a mentor below or contact  for more information.

At Maynooth University the following Spatial Analysis related programmes are available:

Undergraduate - 

BA in Geography

Postgraduate - 

MA in Society and Space
MSc in Geocomputation
MSc in Geographical Information System & Remote Sensing
MA in Geography

PhD in Spatial Analysis
PhD in Geocomputation
​PhD in Geography

Spatial Analysis Software and Tools:

Spatial Analysis researchers at Maynooth University are responsible for the development and hosting of number of key national software and spatial analysis toolkits. Please view the extensive set of resources available by clicking on the links below.

All-Island Research Observatory - Census Mapping Tools, Databoards, OpenData Portals and Other Mapping Tools
R Packages from researchers at the NCG
​Geospatial Platforms - Ubipix and Glimpse
IQDA - Anonymisation Tool