Members of staff and researchers may purchase a range of IT equipment through IT Services. The University, under the Public Sector ICT framework, have single supplier agreements with Dell to purchase desktop PCs and laptops, with Select to purchase Apple products, and printers are currently purchased from Ergo Services, Toshiba, and Bryan S Ryan.

When purchasing hardware or software you are advised to do so through IT Services.

To initiate a purchase, log a ticket at ServiceDesk, after which you will be contacted to discuss:

  • machine specifications 
  • printing expectations
  • software capabilities and specification requirements 

The product details will be mailed to you for consideration, upon agreement you will receive a requisition form, forms should be completed by an authorised signatory and include the department's business unit for billing. Once complete, please return to IT Services for ordering. 
Please check all documentation carefully, if you have any questions please contact