In the event that you are not on campus, please consider the following guidelines: 

  • Ensure you bring your portable devices and their chargers home with you every day 
  • Ensure you can successfully log into 
  • If you are unable to use Outlook desktop client, please use Outlook via instead while off campus 
  • Refer to the following to backup all files to OneDrive for Business in order to access your files off-campus via Departmental share data (on peach) should be moved to the relevant Microsoft Team in use by your department.

An overview of using Microsoft Teams is available here. Microsoft Teams can be used for file storage and collaboration, and also used for voice/video calls, as well as online meetings & classes.

The following services can be accessed without the need for VPN: 

  • Email, OneDrive, Teams and all other Office 365 apps 
  • Academic Database 
  • RIS 
  • Core Portal 
  • Moodle 
  • PAC 
  • Hobsons 
  • CAO Admissions 
  • Student Web 
  • Library 

Your voicemail can be accessed remotely by dialling (01) 7083400 followed by # and your extension number and PIN.

In a limited number of cases, you may require access to the VPN. In the case that you are granted access to the VPN services, please review the following usage guidelines; 

  • Information about the VPN service can be accessed here
  • Check to ensure you can successfully connect to the VPN while off campus 
  • As licenses are limited, please ensure to logout when VPN access is no longer required